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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  September 12, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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and more than a dozen high
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after a crash out at dia yesterday. >> we are live with jason in broomfield where the kids and teachers are from. any idea of whatted the crash? >> it's still under investigation this morning. >> reporter: the biggest question is why did the bus loop back towards the terminal at dda? that's a big unanswered question here this morning. we can give you an update as to the number of people that were taken to the hospital -- 18 total. we're told 15 coaches. most of the students players on the football team that were on the bus when it crashed. they were treated and released from the hospital. the thrre coaches had more serious injuries. this crash did kill the adult woman bus driver here. all of this after the legacy high school football team was coming back home after a game or a set of games out in california. again, we're told that the bus driver after picking up the kids circled back and that's when the
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this bridge support, this concrete support wall basically. that's what crunched up the front of the bus causing injuries and death of that bus driver. students are expected to be back here for school here on this monday morning. it's homecoming week and some events have been cancelled or changed. the cancelled. crisis management teams are site for students and faculty after the death of one of their bus drivers. jason gruenauer, denver7 news. it's 5:32 now. >> it was a gorgeous weekend but fall is arriving this week. >> yes, temperatures dropping below normal every day this week. right now in the 60s and our highs this afternoon right around 76 to near 80 degrees and
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for thunderstorms today and even through tonight. about a 20% chance here in denver. look at some of our highs for today down across southern colorado the front moving in from the north now is not going to touch spots like pueblo or lamar today. they're in the 90s by the early afternoon. denver today 76 and greeley 75 and some 60s and 70s in the mountains..3 a few thde late in the afternoon. futurecast is quiet around 2:00 or 3:00 and we get scattered storms in the mountains and purple and blue popping up on futurecast. a little snow above 12,000 feet tonight. >> a snowy drive at the top of pike's peek. we have issues here for us this morning including north and southbound sheridan between 13th and colfax. this accident at 14th, take a look t from the camera.
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they got involved in an accident at the intersection of 14th and sheridan. the north and southbound side is closed. the tow truck driver is looking to hook it up and get it out of here in the next 15-20 minutes. i'll keep an eye on that. we could use some roads around there including northbound on yates and southbound on aims. the problem on the west side of town, that one lane of i-70 closed here at 6th avenue and that's f b being hit by a crane yesterday. they will have the right lane closed and no alternate needed at this point. getting out to dia looking good. the drive down south, they just picked up the last of the cones at colorado boulevard. it's a rough ride near yale and hamden. from the first alert desk, tracking a fire that broke out overnight at the florida mosque that was attended by the orlando
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that this was arson. they know that one person was seen starting the fire and running away. they have some video of that they hope to release publicly as soon as possible so people can help identify the suspected arsonist. this is at the islamic center of fort pierce florida two hours away from orlando. the mosque was damaged and this happened to be the day after the 9/11 anniversary and it's a since the orlando shooting. this was the mosque attended by omar mateen, the orlando nightclub shooter. detective dan bright was responding to reports of a suicidal person when he was shot. we spoke to the family's
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thankful the community is standing behind them. >> it shows how much everybody cares about them and the law enforcement community. take a look at this. a huge line of cars at the coffee cabin in parker yesterday morning. some waited more than an hour to buy a coffee and this was all for detective dan bright. every penny of the proceeds ent to the detective and his family. >> took care of people when in the middle of a horrible thing and didn't even think twice about we need to start thanking these people and let them know howhese important they are. >> all the tips and salaries and wages were donated also to the bright family as well. today there's a blood drive at the parker police depprtment for wright. it's from 9:00 this morning until 2:30 this afternoon. for more information go to this morning we now know a colorado rafting company was on probation when an 11-year old
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last year. >> adventure company of bu na vista had warned they could lose their permit unless improved. the owner said the citations involved are recordkeeping and not safety violationn. coloradans love the outdoor and everything our state has to offer certainly. now there's a device that can help keep you safe. it's the first satellite gps mess ee so with the push of a button you can notify friends and gps location. you can also alert an international rescue coordination center which alerts local agencies of your gps connection. last week rescuers were able to find a climber using the device after falling 40 feet on snow mass peak. >> they work typically through satellite phone networks or through the actual noa h satellite weather system and
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from home on a google map and see where you're at. >> they have seen a large up tick in the sales in the last five years. it costs 150 dollars. right now experts trying to figure out why there's so many west nile cases in fort collins. larimer county had8 cases this year, that's the most in fact state. crews have sprayed the county a couple times this year. warmer weather and affected birds can lead to spikes in west nile cases. two months after his dog stolen from a bar near idaho springs a man has been reunited with his bed friend. check out this picture. you can see how happy his dog look. he found the dog living underneath a bridge in golden. the dog was wearing a new collar and fake tags. the good news ii he's healthy and home this morning. a closer look at colorado's prairie dog population.
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the goal is to figure out how to manage them. prairie dogs influence other wildlife like burrowing owls and ferrets. grants are funding this project. hillary clinton's doctor says she has pneumonia and it's ?ausing changes to her presidential campaign. details next. faps of the tvrogram, "making a murder," we have news on brendan dassey and why he's staying in jail longer. on this monday there's a chance for thunderstorms at 6:00 tonight. the threat the severe weather will be low but i'll show you how many more days of storms we have coming up. all the roads around downtown have reopened after the activities we have had the last two weeks. you can see broadway and colfax is oppn.
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a cease fire between he u.s. and russia in syria is just about to begin. rebel groups are supposed to stop fighting each other for 48 hours under the aggeement. we have seen more si vail yan
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also allow human civilian help to the area. we just saw the syrian president vowing that they will reclaim every area of the country from terrorists. hillary clinton's doctor says she's recovering from pneumonia this morning so her scheduled trip to california today is now cancelled. >> she left a 9/11 event early yesterday because she sd felt overheated and dehydrated. she appears faint the making her way in the car. a health analysis talked about the severity of pneumonia for her age. >> some forms are quite ill and land some in the hospital and some are even contagiouu. >> he went on to say the illness was not severe enough to keep her off the campaign trail. even before this video donald trump and his supporters claimed clinton is facing a health crisis and may not be fit for
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her doctors have said otherwise. green party presidential candidates jill stein is going back to north dakota face charges. she's charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass and mischief after police say she spray painted construction equipment at a controversial pipeline construction site. dozens of people have also been arrested for taking part in the protest. brendan dassey is staying in jail longer. he caught worldwide attention a murder". now wisconsin attorney general has appealed the judge's decision to release him. he was convicted in 2005 murder of teresa halbach. the nfl has launched an innestigation into the concussion protocol. during the super bowl cam newton took at least four blows to the head and he was never examplened
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there were no indications of a concussion but now the nfl and the nfl players association say they will investigate the issue including the medical team's response. on the first sunday of the football season players join colin kaepernick's protests during the national anthem. >> reporter: in this morning gma first look the wave of players joining colin kaepernick protests against racism a police brutality -- playerses showing the support of the quarterback's movement. entire teams made the unified decision to link arms in solidarity. >> it's unifying our team and and our communities and it's unifying or state and hopefully it's going to unify our country ?o where there's a message that needs to be heard. >> with other players like the chief's corner back grabbing headlines but making a statement
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players like brandon marshall. the credit union dropped the linebacker saying "his actions from not a representation of membership." with your gma first look, i'm kate wednesday worth, abc news san francisco. i'm excited for cooler weather. >> yes, it's going to be nice. tomorrow in the 60s actually. >> wow, nice. here's your headlines. to 70s today. much cooler ll week long. it's a gorgeous coming weekend. pretty hot saturday and sunday and this coming weekend we'll see more sunshine and i'll show you how cool it is coming up. wind speeds picking up and we're tracking a front coming in across northern colorado. you'll notice near fort collins and greeley, speeds at 15-30 miles per hour. we are seeing a mix of sun and clouds. you can make it out from our
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burlington this morning. you will find sunshiie to start the day and a better chance for storms this afternoon. we haae been treated to sunshine for the past few days so by this ?fternoon a little different. we'll be under a partly cloudy sky and chance for a few thunderstorms. the threat for severe weather today is low but you'll find some rain, lightning and thunder with these storm not only this afternoon and tonight we could see a few. more clouds into early tomorrow morning and notice right around 7:00 to 8:00 tomorrow we do have a lot eastern half of the state and even the chance for a little drizzle early tomorrow morning for the tuesday morning drive and some patchy fog. it's going to be cooler too. today we start off in the 60s. we'll be in the mid to upper 70s around 3:00 to 4:00. denver today around 77 and a mix of sun and clouds and a few thunderstorms. a 20% chance for stormsshere today and we'll see that chance
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cooler to the north, definitely compared to what they're seeing in pueblo and lamar. getting up into the mountains more 60s and 70s there today. ests park at 69. evergreen 71 and in highlands ranch a high of 79. cooler than normal about 3-5 degrees and tomorrow we'll be well below normal, upper 60s on tuesday and more cloud cover tomorrow with the chance of more scattered storms in the afternoon and a better looks like tomorrow than today. wednesday into thursday upper 60s still a few afternoon storms and i have to shift these bright spots to saturday and sunday. beautiful and lots of sun sunshine this weekend. shift it, shift that spot. >> i'm shifting them. >> you have the power to shift whatever you like. good news, all lanes are open on sheridan between colfax and 13th. we had it closed down for a
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everyone is okay. this eastbound side still restricted and the right lane will be closed a while because of the bridge damage you see. a crane hit this yesterday so the right lane is closed up to a week. right now no delays and not expecting any significant big delays throughout the week. keep that in mind, that right lane closed. we have an accident on the east side of yale just after jersey or so. a motorcycle invold accident. it would be on that westbound side so i'll keep an eye on that anddsee if it turns into anything but right now it's okay on the southeast part of toww. whe a loved one is diagnosed with cancer there's a lot to think about. this week's seven everyone day hero knows a lot about that. >> reporter: a simple ride to a doctor's appointment can be life changing. >> there's a million different%
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you're helping your child fight cancer. >> reporter: jerry jones would know. her son daniel battled leekemia. he was three and a half years old when he died but he was always thinking of others. >> there was a baby crying on the oncology floor and he said, momly ill you take that baby a i thought if i three year old knew what it meant to give his own belongings then i could find a way to help also. >> so she started daniel's care van. >> it provides free transportation to kids with cancer and other life threatening illnesses to and from their appointments if they lack transportation. >> reporter: jerry helps them get to children's hospital in aurora from loveland.
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and blessing from god from her picking them up and bringing them back and picking them up again the past two and a half months has been a blessing. >> she's very dedicated to these patients. she sits here and waits for them to finish appointments so she can take them home. >> she does this five days a week surviving on donations and a willingness to make a difference. >> maybe me and the kid get to sing a silly song in the car and or teel a cartoon on the ipad and the parents can take a nap in the backseat. so for the duration in the car they don't have to were rio about anything. 0. >> reporter: we would like to nominate you as a seven every day hero. >> thank you. >> congratulations, and good
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with us though? >>reporter: on the line was second grader aiden earl. >> i didn't know what was going on. i saw her crying and she said help rfrnlts the 7 year old recognized his mom was going in diabetic shop. he called 911 and a friend for help. >> tell mom that help is coming okay. >> help,. both coming. >> eveeyone is coming. >> reporter: after calling for help he knew enough to put the dog outside so he wouldn't get away and he opened the front door and waited for paramedics to arrive. >> very smart. most adults don't put the dogs away. >> christine is grateful she wasn't home alone. he had just returned from being home with his father in north
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he says he's not but he's my hero. >> are you happy? >> yes, she's still alive. >> 7 years old. >> so cute. >> mart thinking kid. we have a reallyypretty start. from sterling you can see from our wireless camera -- do you know how many times we say "we this is colorado, always beautiful here. more clouds and drizzle early and a cold front is moving in l cokol as we speak. today highin the upper 70s and a chance for a few storms. here's a look at severe weather. seeing unusual slowing on i-76. it gets heavyythis time of time. this is the drive heading west. you can see how heavy it is.
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can see 7 getting busier here. downtown denver easy driving through colfax and the roads around civic center and parker open after weeks of closures for all the activities downtown. new developments this morning in the orlando nightclub shooting. why the security company where the shooter used to work is coming under scrutiny. the rape of a child and why
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crews shut down southbound lanes of sheridan and colfax as they were investigating. it's not clear now who caused the crash. several other top stories as driver that was killed and sent dozens of legacy high school football players to the hospital. a douglas county detectiveng shot in the line of duty. what simple thing you can do today to help him recover. boulder county investigators trying to figure out what caused this fire at old sugar mill and why it went up in flames. >> this was highway 119 and


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